About Looybi

Looybi is a community of smart, independent-minded people who share thought-provoking ideas and inspiring stories.

We are an open community for you and anyone who wants to share ideas and stories, and inspire the world.

Looybi also has the mission of globalizing African audiovisual creativity through music, cinema, documentaries, sports, comedy, fashion, cuisine, etc.

The term "Looybi" is a Wolof word (national language of Senegal) which means "the owl". The owl is a bird that symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, intuition and the ability to see beyond deception and masks. We chose "Looybi" because we aspire to inspire the world in complete independence through stories and ideas that inspire.

To share your ideas and stories or for any kind of collaboration, you can contact us by email on:

[email protected]

You can also follow us on all social networks: @looybi

The Looybi platform was created by and is part of Seytoo, which is a 100% African company with a mission to create African solutions by Africans and for Africans everywhere.